I am EAimTY, a developer mainly working on open source softwares, a digital nomad, a negative perfectionist, a person who cannot integrate into the surrounding environment, and a lonely wanderer.

Currently, I am mainly working on consensus algorithms for distributed systems, formal verification, Linux kernel development, and other related fields.

This site, EAimTY’s blog, was originally created by me under the drive of my love in technology-related stuff. Although there is not much content, it records how I have been advancing in terms of thought and skill for many years. As I gradually matured, I will publish more texts here about my ideas and thoughts, rather than technology.

You may find this blog to be the ugliest blog you have ever seen - In fact, I also think so - there is no desire to continue reading. Previously, I have spent a lot of time decorating my website. However, recently, I found that what really is valuable are thoughts and ideas I have written, rather than the blog as a website itself. If my content is what you expect, we are on the same page. However, even if you close my blog after opening it for one second, you will not lose anything. It only means that What we love and pursue must have great differences.

I was born in a city in northern China. I have a somehow both authoritative and relaxed family environment surrounding with both avant-garde and conservative thoughts. Due to the fact that I have been exposed to too much information that most people cannot access due to special social environments at an early age, as well as my negative perfectionism tendency, I gradually discovered that I was out of touch with the environment around me, having difficulty on establishing new relationship with others. After experiencing my own unsuccessful and unhappy student career, I started the lonely digital nomad life.

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All content on this site is published under the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 license.